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BMW 7 Series For Luxury Travel – Review

BMW 7 Series Chauffeur Lane Global Luxury Car
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Why the BMW 7 Series is the Epitome of Luxury Travel

Whilst we don’t have access to the ‘Stig’ or encourage our celebrity clients to race our luxury vehicles round London as if it were a track, we like you to know that you could (but we don’t want you to).

Our fleet of luxury vehicles are about being top of the range, the elite of the elite, comfortable and exciting. We understand the way it feels to be in a vehicle that has its own presence, its own credibility, its own status; and it certainly says something about yours if you are seen in it which is why the BMW 7 Series has made the cut.

What the BMW 7 Series can Offer You

This is a car that in itself can offer you two different experiences solely based on where you sit. If you want to be the driver then you can expect an accelerating performance. You can enjoy the silent engine, gently humming whilst you cruise at a respectable speed only to get incredibly giddy over the roar of the V8 chorus as you accelerate for more power, reaching 60mph in 4.7 seconds (if you want) whilst in the knowledge that you are surrounded by the highest levels of intelligent safety.

If however, you prefer to relax with a chauffeur driven car hire experience then you can be assured that the BMW 7 Series provides indulgent, luxurious travel for any of its passengers. The ultimate comfort without compromise, whether you are the driver or the passenger of this superlative German manufactured excellence, you will hold an executive status. You will feel relaxed and spoilt by merely sitting back in the generously proportioned rear seat enjoying the sights London has to offer which you don’t often have time to enjoy.

What the BMW 7 Series Brings to Luxury Travel

• A large car for comfort that still exudes elegance
• Ergonomic gear shifts and adjustable rear seating
• Built in camera system and high end intelligent safety equipment
• Enhanced six-speed automatic gearbox
• High performance
• Reliabilty
• Status

If you wish to know more about our affordable rates, chauffeur services and car hire for the BMW 7 Series or any one of our luxury vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact our expert staff. Alternatively you can always book online.