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Business Travel in London: Helpful Tips for First-Time Travellers

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London is one of the most important cities in the financial world, which makes it an ideal venue for business meetings. Covering 600 miles in area and is home to 7 million people (tourists excluded), the city is where culture and economy work together in perfect harmony.

Where to eat

Lunch and dinner in corporate trips are often pre-arranged by your host. Your hotel will be likely to take care of your breakfast. But if you want to add a gourmet journey to your business travel, there are numerous restaurants in London that will definitely impress your taste.

London is a highly multicultural city and this multiculturalism is reflected by its restaurants. Be sure to grab a copy of the Michelin Guide, the oldest and most popular hotel and restaurant guidebook. Do not hesitate to ask for suggestions from friends. You can never go wrong with a Londoner’s advice.

Where to stay

London is a city of rich tradition. You can stay in a Victorian-style hotel and experience medieval architecture. But to suit your business needs, it is best that you stay in a modern hotel as they provide Wi-Fi connection and even offer rent-a-laptop services. London is one of the most frequented cities in the world so it is best that you book your room months ahead.

Where to hold business meetings

London has numerous first-class meeting rooms such as Holborn Bars, MIC Hotel and Conference Center, and HMS Belfast. The city also offers a wide range of choices for budget conference rooms.

Getting around London

The London commuter belt is one of the most extensive and busiest in the world. Because of its range, going through the commuter route either through bus or train can be quite confusing. You can hail a cab for a quicker albeit more expensive transport.

You can make London traffic more bearable by reading a newspaper (broadsheets, magazines, and tabloids are everywhere) or bringing anything of entertainment value. In London, you have to drive on the left lane on a right hand drive (RHD) vehicle. It is best that you do not attempt this if you are not very familiar with it.

Chauffeured transport

Hiring the services of an executive chauffer is your best option if it is your first time to engage in business travel in London. A chauffeur will provide you will first-class services and safe transportation from your hotel to your day’s destination. You can request for a single or multi-day service from a reputable provider like Chauffeur Lane Global.

For years now, Chauffeur Lane Global has been safely and cozily ferrying business travellers in London and throughout the United Kingdom. We provide transportation for individuals and groups with the vehicle that best suit their needs. You can request for booking any time of the year through our friendly representatives.

Our friendly chauffeurs have an intensive geographical knowledge of the City of London. They can help you avoid traffic and get you to your destination on time, safely. If your accommodation has not been taken care of yet, Chauffeur Lane Global can also provide you with hotel reservation.

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If you plan to stay for an extended period, we can help get you quality apartment at affordable prices. Chauffeur Lane Global offers corporate luxury at highly competitive prices. Do not hesitate to ask for information if you plan to visit London soon.

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