Luxury Car Hire

If you are traveling to UK for business or leisure you do not need to worry about the transportation there. Corporate Services GB offers round the clock luxurious car hire services to people in and around London area. With our offices in a prime location near Heathrow Airport, we have easy access to get the car to you swiftly.

Because there are occasions when you just want to be alone, we also offer a premium UK car hire service. Whether you’re doing a high-pressure business roadshow, with all that demands of a car, or just want something to run around town in, allow us to source the right car for you. Our knowledge of automotive excellence and the local area will ensure your trip here runs like clockwork.

Book in advance and we can have a suitable vehicle; from an economical city car to a more expansive luxury family car, delivered to you, at a time that suits you.

And, because of our many connections, as with all our services, we are able to offer you highly competitive rate.

Click here to arrange a hire car.

If it’s your first time to UK, the best way to travel outside central London, and really explore UK is by driving. What ever you requirements may be, we take pride to ensure that your journey in UK is pleasant as possible, and hassle free. We will take care of your car hire, whether you are looking for an economical car, or a luxurious family car, we can surely assist in you finding your perfect hire.

Why Choose Chauffeur Lane Global for your Car hires service?

  1. Affordable: Our prices are competitive compared to many of the major car hiring companies.
  2. Choice of cars: We have a wide range of choice of cars through our networks, advice us of your requirements, and we will aim to meet them.
  3. Friendly Staff: Our staffs are here to help you ensure that you get the right car for your journey.