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Chauffeur Lane Global’s Tips for Business Travelers During London 2012

olympic rings
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The London 2012 Olympics is an event that only happens once in a lifetime. Billions have already been spent and millions of tourists are expected to flood the city to witness the world’s most prestigious sporting event. There are 10.8 million tickets for the Olympic Games, which means the streets and subways of the City of London will be in constant capacity. By extension, this means that your business trip might be affected if it inevitably falls on the game dates. Chauffeur Lane Global, a renowned provider of chauffeured services, offers you the following tips to make your trip more convenient:

Be organized. Get a copy of the London 2012 Olympic Games schedule now. You can download it in .pdf format at the event’s official website. It provides specific advice on where and when the different games will take place. It will let you know which places will be affected so you can respond aptly by adjusting your plans.

Know the dates. The Olympic Games will run from the 27th of July to the 12th of August. It will be followed by the Paralympic Games to be held between the 29th of August and 9th of September. There will be a transition period between the big events. Needless to say, the City will be very busy during the events. The transition period will likewise be busy as thousands of athletes will be traveling to and from hotels, airports, railways, and their own buses. A total of 20 million trips will be made by commuters during the dates mentioned, with 80% of commuters expected to travel through the City’s railways.

Know the places. The following areas will be very busy during the 2012 Olympics: The West End, Westminster, Bank, The South Bank from Waterloo to London Bridge, Canary Wharf, Stratford and Canning Town, Liverpool Street, and King’s Cross St. Pancras. You can expect to have greater difficulty if your destination is near the venues or any public transport station.

Know the road events. There will be competitions where public roads will be utilized. These include road cycling, the cycling and running event of the triathlon, walkathon, and marathon. The torch relay will also be done on the public streets. Listen for advisories regarding the routes so you can make travel adjustments where necessary.

Consider alternative ways of travelling. As mentioned earlier, most people will take public transport. But you might want to consider alternative mode of transport such as cycling and walking for shorter distances. If you are visiting London for the months of July and August, it will do you well to avail of chauffeured services, especially if you are a first-time visitor. A chauffeur can get you through the best routes to your destination to minimize transportation hassle. Your chauffeur will also be able take you from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to your destination.

olympic rings

Chauffeur Lane Global is proud to announce its fleet of luxury vehicles that will help you get around the City conveniently and in style. Your business travel will be much more enjoyable if you have an experienced chauffeur with you, who knows London very well. Experience London luxury at the most competitive prices with Chauffeur Lane Global.

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