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Demand for Excellent Quality Service Apartments in the UK Increases Manifold

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Travel experts expect a boom in the service apartment business after a long gap. It is estimated that there will be a phenomenal increase in the number of people visiting London and other famous places in the UK. As service apartment is considered a perfect accommodation mode for families and group tours, a boost in the business is quite obvious.

There has been a concept prevailing for quite some time that scarcity of good quality accommodation prevented people from choosing it.  Though the fact is partially true, there were several other factors behind the downfall.  Most of the service apartment owners did not get good business. Hence, there was a reluctance to pour money for expansion and renovation. It resulted in the downfall in the quality of services. Since tourists did not find the accommodation interesting, they avoided checking-in. Thus, it was a vicious circle.

The situation has changed in 2015, and 2016 seems to add further spice to it. With the plans of making the availability double by 2018, the service providers should be ready for a big rush. Since people expect posh and state-of-the-art accommodation, property owners are getting ready with modern, new-age apartments. Free Wi-Fi connectivity, smart wallets, and access control system become basic hygiene factors nowadays.

Upgrade of services is required to make a normal service apartment corporate compliant

Service apartments are popular among corporate clients because they offer safe and economic stay for employees.  Since the turnover is pretty high and consistent, business from corporate clients brings good profitability. However, they expect some basic norms to get fulfilled. There are clear-cut guidelines about safety, security, and comfort of employees. A service apartment has to upgrade as per corporate guidelines.

It is a win-win situation for clients and apartment owners.  Companies save costs by hiring reasonably priced, comfy apartments instead of hotels. Apartment owners, on the other hand, get consistent inflow throughout the year.

Why are service apartments great for families?

When people visit new places with family, accommodation is always a matter of concern.  Staying in a hotel is comfortable, but the cost is a big issue. If there are standard service apartments available at affordable rates, then people prefer it. There are many other advantages than costs.

  • Hotel rooms are usually single and double accommodation. Very rarely they offer triple or 4-bed accommodation. Hence, families find it uncomfortable. Service apartments offer a homely environment and spacious rooms for families.
  • Service apartments offer fully-equipped kitchen (optional) where people can cook the food if they wish so. It makes the quite comfortable and at ease. Such facilities are not offered by hotels even if people are ready to pay for it.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms are separate in the service apartments. Therefore, people feel privacy. Even if more than one families stay in the service apartment, they get independent bedrooms.

As the demand for well-furnished service apartment increases, more seasoned and experienced companies enter the scene. With a rich experience in the niche, they bring sophisticated choices for the guests.