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FAQs about Service Apartments

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Staying in hotels can be very convenient especially for travelers. They provide a comfortable stay. However, there are some disadvantages of staying at a hotel. Spaces are often very limited and paying for extra amenities and services can break the bank. If you’ll be in London for a couple of days or months, renting a service apartment is highly suggested for such purpose.

What are Service Apartments?

Service apartments are fully-furnished apartments ideal for short-term stays (usually a year) and for longer duration with some similar benefits of a hotel. It integrates the convenience of self-contained property and fully-equipped rooms.  They are popular alternative to hotel accommodation since they provide an ambience of being at home, not commonly experienced in hotels. When you sign up for a service apartment, you only need to shoulder the security deposit (which is refundable if there are no damages on the property) and rent for the first month. Service apartments are ideally suited for company executives assigned on a short or long-term overseas stint and tourists who want to immerse in the local culture and sights.

What is the difference between service apartment and regular apartment?

Service apartment differ from regular apartments based on the amenities, services, duration of stay and other.


Amenities in a service apartment include home entertainment units, fully-equipped kitchen, laundry equipment that provide you a worry-free stay while a regular apartment does not provide such amenities and services because you will have to equip it with your own.


Service apartments provide guests with the following services: on-site concierge, housekeeping, laundry, maid assistance and so much more.

Duration of Stay

Duration of stay in service apartments can range from a day to couple of months or for one year while regular apartments are typically bound by lease agreements at a minimum of one-year lease.


What are the benefits of renting a serviced apartment?

  •   • Serviced apartment provides bigger space and comforts of living like in your own home. In fact, it is similar to a house where you can find a kitchen, separate bedrooms and more storage spaces. It also includes laundry facilities to make your stay more convenient.
  •   • For those who are relocating due to a long-term overseas assignment in UK, they can save more money because they can prepare their own meals as opposed to dining out in restaurants outside everyday which can be very expensive.
  •   • It can get really frustrating when you’ll be travelling with small kids. It’s quite a challenge to keep toys, clothes, snacks and other items especially when there isn’t enough space in the room. However, with service apartments, it’s so easy to store the necessary supplies and allow your kids to sleep comfortably in individual bedrooms separate from the adults because spaces in serviced apartments are bigger.

Whether you need to a place to stay for leisure or business purposes, you will find everything you need with Corporate Services GB, Ltd–your premier choice for service apartments in London. To book for our available service apartments, contact us.

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