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Luxury Cars Are The Preferred Choice For Prom Parties Today

luxury cars
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Prom, it is one of the special occasions in the life that marks the entry to adulthood. You want to celebrate the day with great pomp and show. When the budget is not the constraint, and you don’t want to compromise on quality, you should choose luxurious cars to make the day forever memorable. When you arrive in super style at the venue, the impact is awesome.

With the affordability and availability, luxurious cars become the preferred choice today. You have so many operators in London who claim to be the best, but nobody can match Chauffeur Lane Global, the most preferred chauffeur car hire services London. We offer top-in-the-class services and superb cars that add value to your presence in the party.

Whether you are the host or you are an invitee, it is greatly important to make an impressive entry. Others should get impressed by it. Don’t think that you are boasting about your status or affordability. It is just a way to add style to your presence. Others don’t get frustrated by it. Rather, they appreciate and enjoy. Thus, it is a win-win situation.

Browse the array of packages

Call us today to know the range of packages. We know that budget is a constraint when you organize the Prom Night because you need to manage a plethora of things. Therefore, we have kept the rates highly cost-effective. Here is a list of typical packages available at your disposal. Every service provider offers something over and above.

One-way packages

The package includes to and from transportation to the Prom Venue. You can take snaps at the pickup location and Prom venue. Since the rates are low, people want to avail the package just for the arrival at the prom venue.

Two-way packages

The package includes to and fro journey to the Prom site. The driver would wait at the venue till the program is over. Yes, you can take the snaps with the car and the driver if you want. We recommend preserving the memories in the form of snaps. Remember, Executive Chauffeur Car Hire Services in London need to keep the car reserved for you if you want it to stay at the venue. Therefore, two-way packages should be booked well in advance.

Group bookings

Want to avail the services of luxurious cars with friends? Chauffeur car hire for prom is quite cheap and affordable when you do group bookings. Also, it involves a lot of fun and excitement when you travel in a group. It is the most memorable prom party indeed. Arrive in a superb style with your close friends and make the night further special.

Always book in advance to avoid last minute hassles

Yes, it is a fact that the tradition is to hold the prom in the month of May and June. However, we insist that it is not the right thing to wait until the eleventh hour. Call a decent service provider and book the best and the most luxurious vehicle today. Make a list of your preferences before calling to Executive Chauffeur Car Hire Services in London. You have to be specific and precise. It is important to note that there are several schools in London. Hence, the requirement for luxurious cars is pretty high. You have to be alert and proactive. Otherwise, there is a high chance of getting disappointed.

FAQ -Luxury car hire for prom in London

Here is the ready reckoner of FAQ you should ask while booking a Prom Car:
• Have the drivers undergone CRB check? Parents are always worried about the safety and security of their kids. The kids should be in safe hands. At Chauffeur Lane Global, we assure that all our drivers are CRB checked.

• Is it allowed to take photographs in the car? You should ask it explicitly. Sometimes, car service doesn’t allow it. You don’t worry while booking it with us. We allow it in all the cars, luxury or non-luxury.

• Is it allowed to play music? Also, can you take personal CDs or other storage devices? With us, you can play music within the specified volume limits by the government.

• How many people are allowed to sit in the car? You have to be sure about it; is it three or four? Since it depends on the car size, don’t believe in assumption. Call the service provider and confirm. If you hire a Limo or Hummer, then 8 to 16 people can be accommodated.

• Will the pickup be provided at multiple locations or single? Generally, pickup-and-drop services are point-to-point. However, you should inform explicitly if you need multiple pickup points. Quotation for the same differs in that case.

• What time the car will arrive? As the thumb rule, it should arrive 15 minutes prior to the time specified by clients. However, you should confirm it once.

How to Choose a Prom Car Hire

Before you book the car, make the plan first. Work out the number of people traveling with you, arrival and departure time at the party, and the distance between the venue and your place. Date, day and time of the party are also critical parameters. Do you need a single trip or multiple? What are the traffic conditions (in the normal circumstances)?

All these points are important for planning perspective. You don’t want the prom party to be a fiasco. Therefore, think well and plan well. Hiring a luxurious car is a wonderful way of making the event fabulous.

Since car vendors are busy during the peak season. Hence, you should have contact details of several companies handy. Call two or three top-rated operators and check their availability. If hiring the vehicle is feasible from all angles, then book immediately. If you delay the decision, then there could be a shortage of vehicles later. Pay the partial amount or full amount as you wish.

It is to confirm your booking. Astonish your friends and the host by making a sensational entry in the event. Establish your special identity in the group by hiring a luxurious car.