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Mercedes S Class Review; The Ultimate Luxury Car

Mercedes Cars
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When you talk about luxury cars, the first thing that comes to mind is Mercedes. They’ve been ruling the roost in first class luxury cars now for quite some time now, and it doesn’t look like they’re giving up their mantel any time soon. The Mercedes S class ticks all the boxes, luxury, safety, comfort and more gadgets than you’ll know what to do with. Let’s start off with the hard stuff first though.


There are a number of different engines for you to choose from to suit your style, which will be in no short supply once you step inside, there’s even a hybrid version if that takes your fancy. Engine ranges across the board all give exceptional performance with efficiency and emission reduction all above and beyond the standard that you’ll find from any other range of luxury cars. V8 and V12’s are available in petrol and diesel form, the diesel option being particularly popular with drivers.


Whether you’re lounging in the back or taking control of the car from up front you’ll be enjoying yourself. Going through corners is as easy as A, B, C with the Active Body Control system that alters the suspension, as you go through corners to counter the shift in weight. This system is incredibly effective and allows you to feel totally in control as you nip through the city streets or bound down country lanes. It’s not exactly a small car, but the ABC system allows it to feel light and responsive at all times in all conditions. Combine this with the added air suspension and active dampening that monitors the road condition and alters the suspension to suit any surface.


The interior of the Mercedes S Class is more luxurious than the majority of high street spas. Swathes of polished wood and leather will envelop you and once the doors are closed you can wave goodbye to the outside wall, double glazed windows allow you to enjoy the peace and quiet. This is a car that creates its own atmosphere, its own aura – like any good limousine should.


Its long and lean proportions coupled with its bulging wheel arches make for an impressive and almost muscular looking machine and the finishing touches are sublime. LED Lighting adds an extra sense of drama to the whole look and feel of the car and the front grill is simply a piece of art.


This is where the S Class really comes into its own. Mercedes are renowned for giving the ultimate user experience; whether you’re a passenger or driving you are at each point privy to a totally unique experience. This has never been truer than with the S Class. Split view technology allows both passenger and driver to view two entirely different displays whilst still sharing the same screen. Meaning that while you’re driving you can check your route on the 3D satellite navigation system while your passenger can watch a DVD and listen through the audio on a set of wireless headphones all on the same display.

Excellence Assured

If you’re looking for the London chauffeur services and the perfect car to take you to your appointment, then you’ll be hard pushed to find another car with such sublime style and comfort as the Mercedes S class. If you’d like to know more or get in touch about any of our services at Chauffeur Lane Global then please get in contact with us or book online today.

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Image Resource: Ugg Boy/Ugg Girl Flickr.com