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Recommended Features to Look for in a Rental Car

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When you decide to hire a rental car, there are a number of features you will want your hired vehicle to have. While some features may be too fancy, others are essential to your car’s performance. Here are some of the recommended features you might to check out if your rental car has it.

Cruise Control. This awesome feature enables you to take your foot off the accelerator and let the car do the driving. This is an excellent choice for wide open streets, especially during slight traffic. It allows your feet to take a rest once in a while and if you want to use the same speed.

Satellite or GPS Navigation System.  Searching your way around a certain location can prove to be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Conventional maps may have helped many travelers in the past but having a GPS has brought far more superior features to navigate the roads at a touch of a button. GPS can be easily installed to your rental car for a fee that range between $10 to $15 a day. This is actually a small price to pay for the convenience and peace of mind knowing the exact location of your destination.

Luggage Compartment. When going on a vacation or camping trip with your family, you need to have ample luggage space in your rental car to fit everything in. Upon booking for a car, check how much luggage space your car will accommodate so that you can get an overview of the things you can bring along. Of course, booking for a rental car with huge luggage compartment is a great choice because you can bring as many things as it will allow.

Air conditioning. This is one of the regular features already incorporated in most cars. It’s very crucial that your car has this feature especially if you are travelling in hot or humid country or during summer season. This assures you of a pleasant experience all throughout the ride.

Airbags. Depending on the impact and speed of the object struck, front air bags expands to keep the passengers from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard and windshield. Side air bags eliminates the risk of the passengers hitting the door or side objects that it crashed on.

Baby Seat. Most rental cars do not include baby or booster seats for baby passengers; however, you can easily just request for this feature during your rental car booking for a minimum add-on cost. This feature ensures the safety of your child all throughout the travel.

Power Steering. This feature allows the driver to steer the vehicle by


enhancing the steering effort in the steering wheel. Power steering is beneficial when attempting to get in or out of a tight parking space, maneuvering around steep bend or a U-turn.

Anti-lock Brake System. It keeps the car’s wheels from locking while on a panic braking and enables the driver to maintain a better steering control—a crucial factor in dodging a collision. Although, this feature does not assure your ability to avoid a collision.

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