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Smart Tips in Choosing a Hassle-Free Rental Car

car ride
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Renting a car can offer a huge difference in any vacation, giving you a hassle-free way to go out of your hotel to shop and bask in the beautiful sites of the place without having to depend on public transportation. Choosing the right rental car for you and your companions will help you to focus on enjoying the ride without worrying too much about the cost. Here are some smart tips that you can use when choosing rental car.

1.)    Be specific about your reason for the travel

Before you can even book for a rental car, it’s good if you know what you intend to use it for. Generally, rental car agencies provide similar type of vehicles in different categories. The volume of categories has grown over the past couple of years. Basic choices that include compact, subcompact, mid-size and sports cars may be obsolete. Your choices may already include everything from elegant SUVs to mini cars. If you’re traveling with family on a vacation, renting sports car is not recommended. A rental car with enough leg room should be an excellent option. Destination will also play an important part in your decision. Look for a rental car that can drive in the location where you’ll be on.

2.)    Choose your rental car company

There are thousands of rental car companies just by browsing the internet. It’s ideal to choose reputable companies such is Chauffeur Lane Global. There are many other options as well that allow one to book reservations online. Compare different rental car companies and locations, to find the best deal. Even within the same company, airport rental branch may cost you more than the nearby branches. If you decide to rent outside the airport, you must factor in the transportation costs to and from the facility. You must also take into consideration the fees, taxes and surcharges.

3.)    Manage your expectations

car ride

Cars may vary in different countries. A compact car in the US may not be the same as the compact ones in Europe since the European vehicles are smaller than American vehicles. Take note of the number of people and the amount of luggage your car will carry when renting a car in Europe. A great suggestion would be to select a car that’s one to two sizes bigger than what you usually rent. Aside from that, streets in Europe are narrower compared in the US.

4.)    Get an insurance for your rental car

Damaging an expensive rental car can take a toll on your vacation. If you want to just relax and not stressed out on your rental car, it’s highly recommended that you get an optional rental insurance. Include this in your rental budget to make your trip enjoyable.

5.)    Check the car’s cargo capacity

Make a checklist of the things you plan to take with you. Most rental car websites posts the number of normal-size bags that each car can manage but may not include oversized or odd-shaped items. Research on the internet the total cargo capacity you require for all the items you need to take and measure them well to see if they will fit.

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