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Things that you should know before hiring cars for wedding ceremony

Wedding Car Decoration UK
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When you arrive at the wedding place in a chauffeur-driven car, the impact is simply awesome. It is an elegant and stylish way to mark the occasion. Hence, it becomes quite popular nowadays. An experienced service provider sends the best cars of the fleet to transport the bride and the groom to the wedding place or the bridal party. Since clients don’t mind paying extravagantly for luxury cars, the service providers also offer the best service. The aim is to make the special day forever memorable.

A seasoned car service providers pay utmost attention to the details. With their rich experience in the niche, they become experts in providing outstanding customer service with meticulous planning and flawless execution. It makes the experience smooth and satisfactory.

You should always look at the testimonials page to know what their customers feel about the services. A premier car service on your wedding day should be hired after gathering sufficient knowledge. You can’t take a risk by hiring a mediocre service provider.

Why Chauffeur Lane Global?

We are glad to present a fleet of fantastic vehicles to make your wedding super special. Yes, when you are looking for gorgeous cars for the biggest occasion of your life, we are there to make it further bright. Based out of London, we are happy to offer our services anywhere and everywhere in the city. Yes, we are available round the clock, and you can give us a buzz whenever you wish.

We have extended our services much beyond chauffeur-driven cars. Today, we offer luxury sports cars, group travels, and service apartments as well. However, adding value to your wedding by sending a posh, nicely maintained car is a blissful experience for us.

When you call a luxury car for the special day, make sure you hire the best service provider. What style should you search for, how many cars do you need for the event, and when do you need them; these are some fundamental aspects you should think about. Here are some important and useful questions about wedding car hire.

Who are the leading service providers in the vicinity and which cars do they offer?

When you make a list of ‘To Do’ stuff for the wedding, it is critically important to know about the leading car hire agencies in the town. Make a list of the leading providers with the details of the cars offered by them. Make your list of preference first. Do you need a vintage car or Beetle, Mercedes or Limo? Based on the preference, choose a company that is reliable, affordable and acclaimed. Don’t rely on a novice car rental company.

How many cars do you require?

Yes, it is important to assess your requirement first. If you need two or three cars at the maximum, then it is easy to find out an agency. If the requirement is in the bulk, then it is a little bit difficult. In such case, you should call the number one hiring company in the town.

Is it possible to save a few bucks?

Well, you don’t want to cut the corners for the sake of quality. However, it is equally important to spend money wisely and not extravagantly. Since it is quite expensive to hire a luxurious car, you should negotiate well. You should ask quotes from two or three operators first. Make a comparative analysis and then pick the most economical service provider. Since it is a time-consuming task, it is better doing it at least six months before. You can book the car by paying some money in advance.

Which car is preferred by you?

Before you give a buzz to the car hiring service, decide what car will be appropriate for the wedding ceremony. You may need a few luxury cars and some utility vehicles also. Check the seating capacity of each car and estimate the number of vehicles needed. The service provider you are hiring should be able to provide the required cars on the wedding day. If you get all types of vehicles under one roof, then it is the best case scenario. However, you may be required to contact multiple service providers for different varieties of cars. Marriage is an important event, leaving no room for compromise.

What are the cancellation clauses? Is there money back policy?

You may change the mind at the eleventh hour and decide not to call a luxury car but to use your friend’s vehicle instead. Hence, it is important to get clarity about the money-back clause. Most of the service providers offer it with a partial deduction of the amount depending on the number of days prior to the wedding date you cancel the booking. Typically 90% to 0% money back guarantee is there. Read the fine prints of the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement form. Also, make sure the wedding insurance covers it.

Is there any chance of reducing the cost of hiring?

When you hire cars for the wedding, you must seek for discounted rates. There are service providers who offer discounts on bulk booking or early booking. Read the terms and conditions and negotiate for more. The best way is to get quotations from different companies and choose the most economical one.

Hire a reputed operator so that you enjoy flawless services

When you hire a reputed and reliable car rental company such as Chauffeur Lane Global, arranging vehicles becomes as simple as ABC. You need to pick the phone and talk to the customer executive. The details will be taken by them, and the best possible option will be suggested. You can go through it to finalize the deal. Give the requirement specifications clear and unambiguous. Get the clarity about the decoration, ‘Just Married’ tag and car ribbons, etc. with the customer care executive.

Chauffeur Lane Global is a reputed name in London for all types of car hires. We make sure you get the best service. Your wedding day is a special day; we want to make it royal!