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Travel in Berlin and Have the Best Time of Your Life

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Berlin is the largest city in Germany and best known for its historical associations, internationalism, numerous museums, palaces and other sites of historic interest. The city is a metropolitan area with 4.5 million residents and with over 3.4 million foreigners visiting it each year. In European standards, Berlin is relatively young, modern city – but it has always had the reputation as a place filled with people from all parts of the world. From its lovely nightlife and cafes, to its street arts and architecture, Berlin is the place to enjoy your weekend.

Transportation in the City

Berlin’s public transit system is quite different from other European cities, as it will take you anywhere you want to go. Cabs, taxis, buses are generally easy to catch up and bike rentals are good modes of transportation to travel to other parts of the city. You can also avail of the “Berlin Welcome Card” where you can experience unlimited travel for 5 days using all the public transport services in the entire city. It also includes restaurant and hotel discounts, and a free entrance to all museums in Berlin. Indeed, the city offers a wide variety of transportation services for tourists to fully enjoy the weekend.

What to see in Berlin?


It is a large glass dome and the home of the German Parliament where thousands of people line-up every day to go inside the building and witness the sunset every afternoon. It has a roof garden restaurant on the top of a dome, offering a spectacular view of the city.

Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum is considered as the largest museum in Europe and has the shape of the Star of David. The German-Jewish history is documented in the museum’s collections and displays the various changing exhibitions in the museum including the social, political and cultural history of the Jews in Germany during the time of Hitler. The museum also serves as an event space for concerts, lectures and dinners.


One of the world’s largest city parks where the home of the German President is also located. It is also a place for picnics, grill parties and other usual park activities. With the size of this park, a number of places and landmarks can also be seen.

1. Berlin Zoo is the home of 13,000 animals with different species around the world.

2. Victory Column is the statue of a golden-hued goddess which is extracted from red granite. It also offers excellent view of the entire park

3. Bellevue Palace is an 18th century palace for the Prussian Prince August Ferdinand and the present official residence of the German President.


It is the most famous avenue in the city. It is a boulevard full of hotels, houses, restaurants and shops of the world’s famous designers. You can shop and buy anything you want there from branded clothes, bags, shoes and perfumes.

Gendarmen Market

If you are fond of neoclassical designs, then Gendarmen Market is the place for you.  Neoclassical buildings, landmarks and statues are visible everywhere in the said market. In addition, it is also considered as the world’s most popular Christmas market and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

What to eat in Berlin?

The German capital is also home to exotic foods, local and traditional cuisines.

1. Currywurst is a take-out food which is a grilled pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with tomato paste.

2. The Berliner
is a popular afternoon snack – doughnut – made from sweet yeast and usually topped with icing.

3. Schmalzstulle
is a classic Berliner bread with cream and unsalted butter.

What to Expect in Berlin?

Every summer, Berlin celebrates the “Carnival of Cultures” which pays tribute to the city’s ethnical diversity and its multicultural spirit. It is a four-day open air festival with a lot of performances, activities, parties, foods and drinks. Over 1.5 million tourists visit to witness this festival each year, which has a presentation of approximately 4,500 performers from 70 countries around the world.

Indeed, Berlin has a lot to offer. So visit this beautiful place to relax, party and to have fun!

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