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Travel In France – The Places to Go and Sites to Visit

Eiffel Tower
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France is considered the number one tourist destination in the world, with over eighty million tourists a year. It covers a lot of cities and places that are known for being world-class spots. In fact, tourism is one of the country’s leading economic factors.

But what makes it the most visited country in the world? Here are the most probable reasons why:

World Class Cities

The country is home to five of the most beautiful cities in the world including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Nantes. Over 7 million people each year travel to France just to visit these five countries due to its historical, romantic and cultural attractions.

Eiffel Tower

This famous structure was built in 1889 for the Paris exposition. Designed by Engineer Gustave Eiffel, the magnificent structure is supported by flexible puddle iron, which allows it to remain as it is. At its highest peak, you can see the entire view of Paris.

You can also visit the Gargantuan 1899 Machinery, which is located in the tower’s eastern and western pillars – which is actually a historical tool that empowers the elevators. You can also witness the Kiosk presentation of the Eiffel Tower’s mythic painting as well as a miniature replica souvenir of the tower. On the higher basements, telescopes can also help you enjoy the view of Paris and the displays of the city’s historical platform.

Louvre Museum

From a royal palace to an art museum, the Louvre Museum is considered as one of the largest and most visited art museums in the world. It includes the famous Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, the works of Raphael, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Approximately 35,000 works-of-art are exhibited in the museum coming from different cultures around the world. It is a historical monument of all historical heritages, architecture and paintings – making it a place for travelers, artists and historians.

Palace of Versailles

This palace is part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage and one of the most beautiful French creations from the 18th century. Apart from its odd designs and styles, it is also a symbol of absolute monarchy during ancient times, and a bastion of the government of France during the French revolution. The Palace itself is a historical landmark, while its structure has become quite popular for appearing in a large number of Hollywood movies.

Notre Dame Cathedral

This Cathedral is also known as the Lady of Paris. It is home to a wide variety of Gothic architecture, stained glass, sculptures and other works. In fact, it is the most popular monument in France and more than 13 million tourists visit the place each year. It is a spot suitable for all people especially for families, friends and lovers. But aside from its aesthetic functions, it is also serves as a Catholic church and a place of pilgrimage to Catholics. Moreover, it is also the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor of France.

Mont Blanc

Apart from its architecture and culture, France is widely famous for its natural view of the Mont Blanc or the White Mountain. Unlike other mountains, Mont Blanc is very popular for its continuous glaciers and snowfields. It is considered as the highest mountain in Western Europe and is one of the main spots in the world for skiing and snowboarding. It is excellent for sports and dating – and if you want to witness the full view of the mountain, you can also ride a cable car that crosses from one peak to another.

Chateau La Thuiliere

If you want to have some fresh air and be with your family, Chateau La Thuiliere is the place you will want to go to. It is a 19th century mansion and a boutique in the Dordogne region of France, which has a relaxing outdoor setting where you can eat and have some coffee. The cuisine served by the chef covers locally originated menu with the most scrumptious meals. In addition, every room in the hotel encloses first-rate bath fixtures and amenities that differ from other lodging places.

Modern Accessories

France is also home to world’s famous boutiques and latest fashion accessories. In fact, a lot of bags, shoes and perfumes actually originated from France – most especially in Paris.

So if you want to travel in France, these are the places you might want to consider visiting – to experience a great vacation with family and friends. So, start booking now and prepare for fun!

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