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Travelling in Europe – Making the Best Out Of It

Brandenburger Tor
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Europe is a tourist destination where you can find a wide variety of adventures due to its geographic area. The preservation of its natural resources is an attraction to a large number of foreign tourists. It is a place that can confidently offer everything, from attractive beaches and castles to historical man-made and natural landscapes.

Tourist attractions in Europe cover a lot of museums, architecture, festivals, world class cities with historical landmarks and rivers surrounded by green hills. It is a place of extraordinary wealth of cultures, sounds, history, sights, lights and other sensations.

Classical History

Europe has a momentous heritage in the classical world. It is a continent where you can find the birthplace of democracy during the time of Plato and Aristotle. The renaissance buildings and arts of Florence are the familiar sights during the revitalization period in Europe.

Moreover, the medieval Magritte Museum in Brussels offers a lot of good sites and a vibrant atmosphere filled with the works of Surrealist art. And, if you want to study historical monuments and landmarks, then experience the architectural masterpiece of the Forum of Rome.

Revolutionary Culture

The continent is a place where the preservation of cultural heritage is very essential in all cities. Its cultures have not only created an unforgettable impact of a land of peace and harmony, but also made the continent an abode of vibrant festivals and celebrations which are based on varieties of arts, music, fashion, architecture and designs. Just visit and see the distinct street fashions and music scenes of London and Berlin, and the innovative design in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Antwerp.

The Fair Verona is another cultural heritage where the setting for Shakespeare’s renowned tale, “Romeo and Juliet” took place. And it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Hence, the remarkable designs of contemporary arts and out of the ordinary architectures are just about everywhere.

World Class Seashores

Europe holds a number of renowned and first-rate beaches. The environmental award-winning beach in Bulgaria or known as the Golden Sands Beach is considered to be the best in Europe. It is a resort town packed with lots of top-notch hotels and camping spots. It has received various environmental awards since the water is closely monitored for toxins.

If you love to experience a small-scale Mediterranean beach life, Pinarello beach in Corsica is the answer. It is a beach where you can find a handful of seafood restaurants, craggy coves and a pair of jetties drawing out in the clear blue water of Corsica.

And if you want to have fun with your friends and want to experience extreme things in the beach, then try and feel the Pentrez Plage beach Brittany in France. It is a beach with foaming surf and grounds of white sand filled with rock pools.

Odd Delicacies

There are also a wide variety of foods and delicacies that can only be tasted in other parts of Europe. A mixture of taste and culture holds the finest of Europe’s delicacies. Here are some of the bizarre foods in Europe:

  1.  The fermented Hakari of Iceland
  2.  The tasty milk cheese Casu Marzu of Italy
  3.  The exotic Lutefisk of Sweden
  4.  The cold feet Nozki of Poland
  5.  Zungenwurst of Germany

Spectacular Landscape

There are numbers of glorious scenery that can only be seen in the parts of Europe. If you are fond of travelling, then try out the fjords of Norway or the stunning landscape of the Scottish Highlands, as well as the splendid Alps of Switzerland, France and Italy. Furthermore, the gem-like islands of Greece and Croatia are one of a kind landscape that serves as the pride of Europe.

Indeed, from its Northern lights to its Southern shores, the continent is full of tourist destinations blended with history, culture, art, music, architecture and a love of nature. It is a place for families, friends, lovers, travelers and even businessmen.

Travelling in Europe is not just an experience, but indeed, a value-based for your money and time.

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