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Your Go-to Travel Checklist

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When you’re planning on a trip somewhere around the world, packing the right things can be a bit of a challenge. We’ve come up with a checklist to make your trip fun and worry-free.

Research about your trip. Read up on your destination’s local culture, popular tourist attractions, weather, currency, customs and do’s and don’ts. Some conservative countries like in the Middle East require you to dress appropriately, so make sure that you’re aware about this.

Keep all travel documents handy. Print out, scan and photocopy these documents and keep them inside your carrying case:

-          Airline Ticket

-          Visa

-          Boarding pass (can be printed from the airline website 24 hours before the flight)

-          Itineraries or reservations (car rentals, hotel)

-          Photo IDs (valid passport, driver’s license, emergency phone and card numbers)

-     Copy of birth certificate (just in case you lose your passport)

-     Health and travel insurance policy

Prepare your travel money. Bring at least two credit cards, some travelers or money checks, debit or ATM card and foreign cash and coins. Know where they’re accepted. Write down your credit or ATM card numbers and your bank’s 1-800 numbers in case they’re lost or stolen. Know how much the exchange rate is to get the best deals.

Bring some travel guide. To make your trip easy and convenient, bring these things for your reference: foreign dictionary or phrase book and local map or guide book.

Gear up on technology. If you’re waiting for the next train or connecting flight or you want to shoot some photos of the place, you can bring these dependable gadgets:

-          point-and-shoot camera or DSLR (adapter, charger, extra batteries)

-          Tri-band GSM phone (charger, adapter, phone cards and foreign SIM)

-          Mobile music device (include earphones, cables, charger and adapter)

Pack Light. Traveling light will help you squeeze in all your important items in the bag. Take note of the standard carry-on or check-in luggage size and weight limitations. Important items such as airline tickets, visa, ID, boarding pass, reservations, money and electronics should be placed inside your carry-on while the rest should be in the check-in bags. Put an identifiable tag to your luggage with your complete name, address and contact number. 

Don’t forget the essentials.


What’s going to spoil your trip is not bringing essential clothes or toiletries. 

-          Wardrobe (depends on the kind of weather of the place you’ll be traveling to)

-          Shoes (wear something comfortable that you can walk around for hours)

-          Toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, sun block lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

-          First Aid (medicines for headache, allergies, travel sickness, asthma, diarrhea and painkillers, etc) 

Avoid having jetlag. Eat simple foods and plenty of water to prevent having jetlag. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Just try to acclimatize to the new time zone as soon as you land.

Keep an open mind and sense of humor. Not all trips are perfect so you need to manage your expectations, always have a sense of humor and be spontaneous.

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